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Definitions and Terminology

What is a Squid?

Squids, short for Square IDs, are unique, colorful, interchangeable QR codes (Bar Codes) on jewelry "Squares" and dog tags
that, when scanned, display the wearer's Emergency Medical Profile and alerts emergency contacts of the scan. The wearer's
Emergency Medical Profile is stored in the "cloud" and can be changed whenever medical information is changed for the wearer.

What are MedAlls?

MedAlls, short for Medical Conditions and Allergies, are dog tags or charms that can be attached to Squids or worn on existing
necklace chains, bracelets or hooks on backpacks. MedAlls, unlike Squid, do not contain a QR code; MedAlls contain information
about allergies or medical conditions.

What is an Emergency Medical Profile (EMP)?

Emergency Medical Profiles are online profiles of medical information stored in My ID Square’s database in the "cloud". Each EMP is
linked to a Squid wearer’s unique QR code.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a type of bar code. QR bar codes can be read by any QR code scanner or QR code reader, typically on a
smartphone or tablet, and converted into a URL that connects the scanning device to a unique online medical profile. Each
Squid wearer is given his/her own unique QR code that connects to his/her own unique URL, thereby maintaining the privacy
and security of the Squid wearer’s information.

What is an Account Holder?

An Account Holder is a person over the age of 18 who purchases a Squid, opens a My ID Square Account, and is solely
responsible for all information contained in the emergency medical profile. (See Terms and Conditions for more information)

How our Squids work

How do Squids work?

Squids contain QR bar codes. Any device with a QR bar code scanner or QR bar code reader App installed can read the
QR code, and there are many free QR code apps available for smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Mobile devices
must be connected to the internet so that the medical information, which is stored on a secure database, can be displayed. Please
note that some QR scanners are more reliable than others. If the QR code scanner is unavailable, there is also a URL on the
reverse side of the Squid that can be entered into any web browser to access the medical information page. If the URL is used,
you will be prompted to enter the code written on the back of the Squid. While each QR code has a unique URL associated
with it, multiple URLs can lead to the same medical profile. Thus, a single wearer can have multiple Squids. After the code is
entered, the Squid wearer’s emergency medical profile will appear.

How does my Squid connect to my emergency medical profile?

The unique QR bar code contains a link to a unique URL that connects to your confidential medical information. By scanning the
QR Bar code, you are connecting directly to your own URL. We also provide you with a URL and a unique code to access your
online medical profile if a scanner is unavailable on the back of each Squid. Multiple URL codes can link to the same profile.

How are the emergency contacts contacted?

The account holder selects the preferred emergency contact method for each Squid wearer. A text or email address must be
provided in order to confirm an emergency contact. Emergency contacts will be notified via the selected method(s), which may
include text message and/or email. Emergency contacts must click a link provided in the text/email to accept their emergency
contact designation. Failure to accept this designation means the emergency contact will NOT be designated your emergency

In an emergency, the Squid wearer’s designated emergency contact will receive a text message and/or an email. The location
of the scan will be included in the message when available.

Can I have more than one Squid?

Yes, you can have as many styles and colors of Squids as you like! Multiple Squids can be associated with the same person, so feel free change your Squid to match your outfit or your mood.

About Emergency Medical Profiles

What information can I enter in my emergency medical profile?

Emergency medical profiles can be edited to include date of birth, emergency contacts, allergies, medical devices and problems, medications, preferred hospitals and medical care providers, vaccination dates, and any additional information that users would like to add. The My ID Square medical profile was designed specifically to relay critical, life-saving information in the event of an emergency. We have worked with EMTs, emergency room doctors, nurses and parents to ensure that the most critical, up-to-date, life-saving information is immediately accessible when every second matters.

How secure is my emergency medical profile?

Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our customers is My ID Square’s top priority. Squid wearers’ emergency medical profiles (EMP) are securely stored in a firewall protected secure database. Customer information is never shared, sold, or otherwise provided to third parties. The online database used for the collection and storage of EMP information was developed by and is solely the property of My ID Square. Any time the QR is scanned, the person scanning it will be able to see the medical profile.

Who maintains my Emergency Medical Profile?

The account holders are responsible for the Squid wearer’s Emergency Medical Profile (EMP). It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that the EMPs are accurate and up-to-date. Account Holders are also responsible for ensuring that their emergency contacts have agreed to be contacted in an emergency. Emergency contacts are only contacted if they accept this designation. Our EMPs do not currently link into other online medical records.

Can I connect to my medical plan’s online medical profile?

No. At this time, My ID Square does not link with any other online electronic medical systems.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Is my information safe?

My ID Square will never sell your information. We hate spam too. My ID Square will not sell, share, or otherwise provide your name, address, email address or any other information that you provide or we collect to third parties for any purpose, nor will we sell, share, or otherwise provide the name, address, email address or other information of any contact you provide for the purpose of creating your confidential emergency medical profile.

What are your confidentiality policies.

My ID Square is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of any and all information you provide through our website, email, data center and all other means. My ID Square utilizes a firewalled server and all communication with this server is conducted using secure HTTPS protocol. All information collected is user provided. You decide what information goes into your medical profile. Anyone who scans a QR code or uses the URL and code on the Squid to access the medical profile will be able to see the entire medical profile that you created. If you lose or misplace your Squid, you can disable it within your account so that no one can access the information. If you find your Squid, you can also re-enable it.

Payment Questions

What forms of payment do you accept.

We accept credit cards and Paypal as payment. Checks and money orders are not accepted

How much does it cost to maintain my online medical profile?

You can make as many changes to your online medical profile free of charge.

Managing your Account

How can I set up an account?

When you buy a Squid or an MedAll from our online store, you become an account holder. After your Squid arrives in the mail, there will be instructions included on how to create your account, create the Squid wearer's Emergency Medical Profile (EMP) and then assign the Squid to the Squid wearer. Once your account has been established, you can change the SquID wearer's EMP at any time.

How can I activate my Squid?

Each Squid has a unique code printed is used to activate your Squid from any computer or device with an internet connection.

How many Squid wearers can be associated with one account?

There is no limit to the number of Squid wearers in an account.

Can I buy the allergy or chronic condition tags (MedAlls) without a Squid?


Is there a yearly fee for keeping the Emergency Medical Information online?

The "Square Deal" subscription includes an unlimited amount of information and alerts your contacts in an emergency. The first year is free and after that The "Square Deal" is just $25 a year. If you choose not to subscribe to the "Square Deal" after the first year, your subscription changes to our "Basic Deal" which is free and includes a limited amount of information.

What should I do if I lose my Squid?

If a Squid is lost, the account holder should deactivate it. This can be done online. Account holders must sign in to their account, select the Squid wearer’s name, scroll down to the bottom of the medical information page, and find the Squid that was lost. Click on the lost Squid’s image and select “deactivate”. If the Squid is later found, it can be reactivated using the same instructions. If you have any questions or need help, please email us at Contact AT MyIDSsquare.com so we can assist you. No medical information will appear when a deactivated Squid is scanned.

How can I deactivate a Squid if it is lost or I no longer wish to use it?

Log into your account, select the Squid wearer and then click on the “deactivate” link in the list of Squids at the bottom of the Emergency Medical Profile edit page. The wearer's profile will be unavailable when either the QR code is scanned and when the URL and code are entered. When a deactivated QR code is scanned, a message that reads ‘“This code has been deactivated” will be displayed.

Shipping and Handling

How much is shipping and handling?

Shipping is free to the United States for orders over $125, and $3.95 for orders under $125.
Shipping is free to Canada  for orders over $200, $13.00 for orders between $100 and $199.99 and is 13.75 for orders less than $100.
Shipping to the UK is $15.00 for orders less than $100,  $13.75 for orders between $101 and $199 and is free for orders over $200.
Shipping rates are shown when you check out.

How are customs fees and taxes handled for international packages shipments?

Packages are sent by USPS first class mail without delivery confirmation. They are tracked until they leave the USA. Delivery time for Canada is generally 1-2 weeks, and to other countries from 10 days to 4 weeks.
We cannot be responsible for customs fees charged by other countries. Please check with the customs office in your country to find out what charges may apply.

Warranties and Returns

What is My ID Square’s return policy?

All custom engraved items are non-refundable and non-returnable. If a custom engraved product arrives damaged, notify My ID Square at contact@MyIDSquare.com within one week of receipt of the product. All non-personalized My ID Square items are returnable within 30 days of purchase. All non-personalized items without a QR Bar code are returnable for full purchase price, minus a $2 restocking fee for all items returns within 30 days of purchase. All items with a QR Bar Code are returnable for a $6 restocking fee per item within 30 days of purchase. You may return any part of your order. Return items must be shipped to: P.O. Box 130, Merion Station, PA 19066. Refunds are issued in the same manner as payment was made. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

What is My ID Square's warranty policy?

All My ID Square products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 60 days. Upon receipt, please carefully inspect your item for errors and defects. The warranty covers damage from intended use only. This warranty does not cover damage from misuse, abuse, or loss, nor does it apply to items that don't fit due to customers inaccurate wrist measurement. Attempts to repair, adjust, or alter the item will invalidate the warranty. If you have an issue with your item, please email us at Contact AT MyIDSquare.com or fill out our “Contact Us” form on our website.